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About FundsPI

What is FundsPI?
FundsPI is an automated investing and loan platform. Loan platform is an instant Small Un-secured Personal loan platform for salaried individuals to avail loans starting from Rs. 1000 to up to Rs. 25000. The automated platform acts as a technological intermdeiary to faciltate disbursement through its assocaited regulated lending partners o salaried individuals. The entire process of availing loan, starting from loan application, e-agreement tlll disbursement is digitised to give the loan in simple, transparenet & convenient way.

Is FundsPI a Bank or NBFC?
No. We are not a bank or NBFC but we have tied up with multiple RBI registered institutions to ensure that you get the funds you are looking for from authorized banks or NBFCs.

Who all eligible to avail a loan on FundsPI.
Presently all salaried individuals who receives monthly salary credit in their bank account are eligible to a avail loan on the platform. Very soon we will be launching product for self-employed segment.

How does one avail a loan on fundsPI.
    Availing a loan on fundsPI in simple, easy & quick. One has to follow below mentioned simple step;
    1. Install the fundsPI app from playstore
    2. Register yourself using your e-mail address & mobile number or facebook or gmail account to login. 3. Check whether you are eligible to avail a loan by completing your basic profile under our loan section (This will take lss than 5 minutes).
    4. Upon confirmation of your eligibility, you will need to upload your KYC documents, fill in your few other details and upload the bank statement of last 12 months. This again will take less 10 minutes.
    5. Once you complte all the details as per the requirement, we will let you know the detail of your loan eligibility & terms of approval if your loan is approved. This will take anything between 1 hour to 24 hours. Loan approval depends on multiple factors such as your credit score, you repayment track with other institutions & lot of other factors.
    6. If your loan is approved, you will need to sign the e-agreement for disbsurement of loan. This will take less than 5 minutes. Post signing of the e-agreement, your loan is disbursed to your account whithin 1 hour.

What are fundsPI Terms & Conditions.
Please refer section on Terms & Condition here Terms & Conditions

What is the Privacy Policy of fundspi.
Please refer the section on Privacy Policy here Privacy Policy.

In which cities the loan from fundspiis available.
We being an online platform services loan across all cities in India.

Which all purposes I can use Small Personal Loan.
You can use thes loans for any of your immediate requirement. So be it medical emergency, Holiday, School fees, down payment for your bike, rent payment or online shopping, you can use the loan all of these and lot of other purspoes.

How much loan amount I will get on fundspi.
Loan available ranges from Rs. 1000 till 25000. Loan eligibility & approval depends on lot of parameters and varies from individual to individual.

Loan Application

Which all platform fundsPI supports.
Presently we are available on Play Store. Very soon we will be coming on App store as well.

What all documents do I need to submit to avail a loan.
To avail a loan on fundsPI, you will need to submit below mentioned documents & all of those are mandatory ;
  Proof of Identity : PAN Card
   Proof of Address : Aadhar Card or e-Aadhar Card or Passport or Voter ID or Driving License. (Aadhare is not mandatory as proof of address. You can submit any one of the mentioned docuement as address proof.
   Bank Statement : Last 12 months bank statement in bank generated PDF format.

Do I need to submit these everytime that I take a loan from fundsPI.
No. You need to submit these documents only first time while availing a loan. For subesequent loans, these documents need not be submitted unless there is change in your address or employment details.

Do I need to compulsorily use the mobile number for registration on fundsPI that is linked to Aadhar.
Yes. This number will be used for signing of e-agreement for which OTP is sent by UIDAI (Aadhar issuing authority) on this number.

What if my mobile number is not linked to Aadhar. Will I able to avail loan on fundPI.
No. You will not be able to avail the laon on the fundsPI.

Which account loan gets disbursed.
Loan gets disbursed directly to your salary account.

I am not able to complte the application. What do I do.
Please write to us on contact@fundsPI.com

Why do you verify bank account?
We need to ensure that given account belongs to you.

Are there any condition with regards to bank account?
Yes account has to be in your name & it should be your salary account.

Can I use joint bank account.
Yes. But you need to be the primary account holder.

How do you verify bank account?
We verify bank account by transferring Rs. 1/- in your account.

What if my account does not get verified.
You could e-mail the copy of cancelled cheque.

Can I avail a loan on holidays.
We being an online platform, you can avail loan 24*7*365. You can get your disbursement even on bank holidays or sundays.

Is there any minimum age limit.
Yes. You need to be minimum of 18 years of age to avail a loan.

Will I be able to avail a loan from outside India.
No. you need to a resident of India & need to be present in India to avail a loan.

Is my data safe with fundsPI.
Yes. Your data with fundsPI is safe and is transferred over secur connection. Please refer our privacy policy for more details.

What is the minimum and maximum loan amount available on fundsPI?
The minimum amount of loan is Rs. 1000 and maximum amount of loan is Rs. 25000.

What is the minimum and maximum tenure avaiable for loans.
Loans are availble for the tenure starting 3 months to 12 months.

How much time it will take the loan to get disbursed.
On completion of e-agreement, your loan will be disbursed to your account in less than 24 hours.

How much time it will take for loan to get approved.
If all the documents are submitted as required, your loan will get approved in less than 24 hours.

My loan application is rejected. Can I re-apply for the loan.
You will be able to reapply for the loan after 6 months.


Do you check my credit score with any credit bureau.
Yes. We have partnred with multiple RBI registered NBFCs which allows us to check your credit score & your repayment details all the credit bureau's in India.

How is my credit limit decided.
Your credit limit is based on multiple factors including your salary amount, credit scroe, banking transactions, KYC document, repayment history,etc. Algorithm driven system arrives at final eligibility amount based on above factors.

Will my credit limit increase in future.
As system arrives at your credit limit based on multple factors & with timely repayment being one of the most important factor, there is a chance that with timely repayment of all your dues your credit limit my increase. But as credit limit is based on lot of other factors, it should not assumed that only timely repayment will increase the credit limit.

Is my credit score linked to loan with fundsPI.
Yes. All the loan that you availl on fundsPI platform are reported to all the credit bureaus by our partnered NBFCs. So timely repayment of loans o fundsPI will help improve your credit score & similarly any delay in repayment will affect your credit score negatively.

Will I get a loan of more than Rs. 25000/-
No. At present, you will not be able to avail a loan of more than Rs. 25000/-


How do I repay my loan?
You can repay your loan by accessing "Repayment" section on the app. We support payment via Net banking, Debit Card, UPI,Paytm wallet
and Bank transfer.

How do I find repayment date of my loan?
You can find repayment date by accessing "Repayment" section on the app.

Can I repay the loan before its due date.
Yes. You can repay the loan before its due date by accessing "Repayment" section on the app.

Can I repay the lon in cash.
No. You can not repay the loan in cash. Only payment through Net banking, Debit Card, UPI, Paytm Wallet and Bank transfer are allowed.

What happens if I do not repay on time.
Delay charges for each days delay along with daily interest will be charged. Also, we will have report to all the credit bureaus in India (CIBIL, CRIF High Mark etc.) about delay which affect your credit score negatively and make it difficult for you to avail a loan in future from any financial instituion.

Can I change my EMI date or postpone the present EMI to some other date.
No. Change in date of postponment of EMI is not allowed.

Do I get any confirmation for payment that I make.
Yes. You will get SMS confirmation along with an e-mail. All your repayment will also be updated on the "Repayment" section of the app.

Interest, Processing Fee & Other charges

How much interest will I be charged.
Interest rate ranges from 1.49% to 2.49% per month which translates to APR of 17.88% to 29.88%.

How much is the processing fee that will be charged on my loan
Processing fee ranges from Rs. 110 to Rs. 900.

How is processing fee collected.
Processing is collected upfront from the loan amount before the disbursement.

Why do you deduct processing fee from the loan amount.
Since there is a lot operational cost that is involved in processig your application, we collect processing fee upfront to disburse your loan in quickest possible way.

What is convenience fee?
For online repayment of the loan, payment gateway charges fee which is termed as convenience fee. The amount is added to your repayment amount when you make the reapyment towards the loan. There are no convenient fee charges levied for payment thorugh bank transfer option. We suggest you use Bank Transfer option to avoid convenience fee charges.

Are there any charges for Auto Debit.
We will levy the charges of Rs. 150/- along with any other delay charges for each auto debit failure. In addition, your respective bank will also charge you for each auto debit failure. We request you to maintain sufficient balance in your account beofre the EMI date.

Are there any late payment charges?
We will charge penalty of Rs. 50 per day with one time overdue charge of Rs. 50. Also, we will have report the dealy in repayment to Credit Bureau's.


Can I apply for more than one loan simultaneously?
No. You will be able to avail only one loan at a time.

Will I be able to change my approved loan amount or loan tenure.
No. You will not be able to change the approved loan amount or loan tenure.

After disbursement I wish to cancel the loan.
Once loan is disburesed to your account, you will not be able to cancel it. You will have to foreclose the loan with the entire amount of principal and interest. You will have the option to cancel the loan beofre it is disbursed to your account.

I wish to edit my profile details.
You will not be able to edit the profile on the app. You can write to us on contact@fundsPI.com for any profile changes.

What happens if I change my phone.
You will need to download the again & login using your password. If you have forgotten the password, you can click on the link "forgot password".

Which Operating System you support.
Presently we are on Android & soon will be available on ios.

How do I delete my account from fundsPI?
For deletion of your account, please write to us on contact@fundspi.com We will delete the account only if there isn't any outstanding on
your account.

How to contact fundsPI?
You can contact us either by sending a mail on contact@fundspi.com or you can call us on 7066188088.